Seemingly Timber

Here at Taylor Foam, we produce amazingly realistic faux wood beams!  Our Seemingly Timber beams are uniquely hand crafted to your specifications.  Any size and length can be made using our fabrication process.  We can make them smooth and crisp, rough and rustic, with cracks or without…  It’s totally up to you!! 

Some of the limitations of using real wood is the ability to manipulate it into shapes, arches and angles that fit to the space needed for a reasonable cost. Seemingly Timber wood beams can be custom fit and designed for exactly the spaces you need.

Just like in nature no two pieces of wood are alike, and neither are our beams!  

  • 100% Made to Order
  • Every Piece Unique and Different
  • No repetition or patterns
  • Virtually Any Size Available 
  • Trusses

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